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The purpose of the Society is to support and encourage research and practice related to issues of interpersonal acceptance and rejection, including but not limited to parental acceptance-rejection, peer acceptance-rejection, acceptance-rejection in intimate adult relationships, and acceptance-rejection in other attachment relationships throughout the lifespan.

History of the Society

The Society was founded at the conclusion of the first International Congress on Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection in Istanbul, Turkey, June 24, 2006.


All persons who are interested in issues of Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection are invited to join the Society.

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Announcing PARScore 6

P. C. Rohner
H. S. Jadav
R. P. Rohner
Center for the Study of Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection
University of Connecticut

July 19, 2011

The new and improved scoring system used for easy computerized scoring of all versions of the PARQ, PARQ/Control, PAQ, PPQ, and much MORE (43 measures)! The program exports data files to a data analysis program, making data entry easier.

Never lose your data; always have it accessible to you from anywhere in the world! Don't let computer glitches and tired eyes stop you from completing that research project, thesis, or professional paper. Clinical and applied programs are welcome to use this powerful tool.

Do you want to find out about other researchers doing similar research in other nations? Join PARScore 6 and have access to a database filled with worldwide results! Your data is changeable only by you with use of your unique Google username and password, but it can be viewed by others in the database.


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